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“Oh.” Hong Dali rubbed his chin and thought about it. Suddenly, he said, “Speaking of which, Pops, I forgot to give you a greeting present.” As he spoke, he pulled up a big pile of armor from his space watch and said, ” Pops, you’re a little too big. When I was buying these armor I did not plan for this. How about you pick a few and dig the gems out instead?”


After another round of talking nonsense, Hong Dali reached for a bottle of Thousand Blossom wine and said, smiling, “This Thousand Blossoms wine is made with thousands of types of flowers, so the wine has a delicate fragrance which reminds one of spring, intoxicating you before you even drink it. This wine should be drunk with an ancient vine cup. However, ancient vines are hard to come by, so we can just make do with a wooden cup.”


Jiang Qianxue had dressed up and was sitting on the bed with her legs tightly closed. Her head was so low it was almost buried in her chest. She did not dare to look at Hong Dali. “Yes… hungry…”


Cough, cough, cough. Geezer Wangs face flushed red. What can I do? My foundation is no good. There are many things Im not able to learn. Demon Fantasy Record requires one to have very strong and fast reflexes towards the end. Im too old, I dont have much hope of mastering it. But this little thing, Geezer Wang touched little Bai Hechous head fondly. he learns and improves really fast. I cant keep up with him.


This name sounds familiar. The mysterious old man thought for a while and suddenly exclaimed, Is he eighteen or nineteen years old, looks very kind, always smiling. One glance and you can tell hes not scheming? Orange-level Honorary Aristocrat?


Once he entered the shop, he looked around and started instructing. “Eh, Uncle Mihawk, I think we will need to trouble you. I intend to renovate this store.”

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With the intention of testing it out, he grabbed an armor and felt it casually. Then, he was completely shaken. This this the attribute gems on it two Strength +12, one Reflexes +11?! Oh my God! Such good attribute gems are embedded in this lousy piece of armor?! Its a waste of good gems! Fortunately, the stones can be dug out


Its not bad. Tang Ruisi nodded. At present, the medical field is advancing very quickly. The state has been giving us a lot of support. We have overcome many difficulties and the results are gratifying.


“All right, I’ll just embed the rest randomly. Bring them to the Star Harbor shop tomorrow and sell them for one thousand Galaxy Dollars each.” This was Hong Dali’s instruction for the remaining high-level items.


“Yes!” The eight female servers hurriedly excused themselves as if they had received a pardon.


“Yes.” Hong Dali nodded. “I will keep some and throw the rest into my shop. They will be let go at one thousand each.”


Mister, please follow me! His superior had appeared. The clerk hurriedly changed his attitude, nodding and bowing. Someone will bring you to settle the paperwork. Next, we will look at how you progress in the future. If you can pass level twenty-four, you will be able to advance to yellow-level Honorary Aristocrat!


The hologram of the Old Elder’s head that was projected from the communicator smiled and said, “Hellfire, someone has already passed the 30th level in the Tower of Trials. According to our assessment, this is a super-genius that won’t lose out to Duan Xuan. Therefore, I need you to pay a visit to Kris Sudarian immediately and see if you can obtain some information on this person.”



No matter what kind of hatred there was between two planets, as long as they encountered the Zerg race, they must put everything down and ally together to fight against the Zergs!



Transportation was convenient in the virtual world. The key was that the Bureau Chief had given Hong Weiguo and Lan Ruoxi, and everyone else, a designated place of residence in the city. Once they came online, they would be in the city. In just about five to six minutes, Hong Weiguo, Lan Ruoxi, Tang Muxin’s parents Tang Ruisi and his wife, Geezer Wang, Ling Mufeng, and everyone else arrived.


Tang Muxin chose a white dress that reached her knees. On her feet were a pair of white high-heeled shoes and on her hands white, long gloves. With her jet-black hair and obsidian black eyes, she looked like a little princess.


Geezer Wang nodded. Okay. In that case, I will stop worrying since Young Master Dali has ways to solve the problem.

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