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However, that super genius actually managed to get past level thirty! How big was the disparity in their abilities?! How profoundly thrilling?! What did this super-genius look like?


After my supplier died, I could not find any other sources to obtain my supplies. Thats where my troubles began. The middle-aged man said forlornly, How can I sell pets if I dont have good pets to sell? It took a lot of effort to find some small supply channels and get some normal non-combat type pets to sell. However, how can such a big shop survive on selling only those? The business got worse and worse. If I do not sell the shop soon, I will go bankrupt


Actually, it was a commendable feat to have passed level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials. However, Tang Muxin and the rest had been around townthe super genius who had passed level thirty was over there busy squandering, would they be impressed by someone else? Level twenty-two was mediocre at best, how dare he show off here?


“Mister, how… how many levels did you pass at the Tower of Trials?” As he led the way, Luo Qiang chatted with the Mister. Second Greatest Mister seemed an appropriate term. The other Great Mister was fiercer than him…


Jiang Qianxue had taken off the cloak that marked her as a Galaxy Aristocrat, so Hong Dali, too, was unwilling to flaunt his own cloakwhen they got back to the spacecraft, Hong Dali said, Hahaha, since everyone is in such high spirits, lets go back to the restaurant and take off our cloaks, pick up Little Quentin and go shopping!


A lady like Qianxue, usually cold, once she fell in love with someone, there was no stopping her. This was no joke. Especially the incident that happened eight hundred years ago, the lady back then, her character was very much alike.

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“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.” Hong Dali grinned and didn’t show any concern. “I am just playing with it for fun. I am a prodigal, after all. I am not relying on this to earn money.”


Okay! Hearing the mention of Sauron Auction Center, Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Ling Xiaoyi looked at each other. They were really curious about the selling price of the three attribute gems


Tang Muxin had been with Hong Dali for such a long time, but she rarely asked him for anything. However, she was a girl and was partial to pretty shiny accessories, much like dragons


Being a super martial arts lover, Sabrina naturally heard of the news regarding this mysterious man. And now, she was on the communication website, crazily gathering any information she could find of this mysterious genius.


Not bad! not bad! Tang Long stared at the gem. This is really rare! Oh my God, you can actually combined gems. This


This is no joke. With such scary customers, I better call my senior over. I still want to continue living!


So-so. Hong Dali took the Dali beans and gently tapped Ackas little head. Acka opened its eyes unwillingly. Suddenly, it saw the Dali beans and its eyes lit up. It opened its little mouth and peck, it ate one. It opened its mouth again and, peck, ate another bean. Once more it opened its mouth and peck, damn, that was one more bean gone.



“Yes!” Mentioning the battle with the Zergs, even the guard’s reply sounded much louder than before. “For the glory of mankind!”



Yes, yes, yes. The middle-aged man nodded vehemently. Young Master looks like a man who does big business. The shop is useless in my hands. If you take over, with your wealth and connections, you are sure to be able to find a better supply channel. By then, the shop might be able to make a profit under you. Do you think


Uh, uh Hong Dali struggled and finally managed to lift his face up. He hit the nail on the head. Sister Zhang Yi, are you out of money?


“Yes.” Hong Dali nodded. “I will keep some and throw the rest into my shop. They will be let go at one thousand each.”

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